LoL stands for “League of Legends,” which is a popular MOBA video game and in recent years they diverted a lot of efforts into their esports section. Now many teams around the world compete against each other in various tournaments hosted by Riot Games.

Betting on League of Legends matches is very popular around the world and there are different bet types available. Among the most popular betting markets are “totals” or over/under markets, but there are also other popular prop bets that customers enjoy very much, like who will draw first blood or will the dragon soul would be activated, or if both teams will kill dragons, etc.

The betting market possibilities when it comes to prop bets are extensive, so if you want to know more, you will have to check out the bookmaker platform to see exactly which kind of bets they offer. In this article, we will go over a specific type of bet called “spread” betting.

League of legends match

Spread Betting – Explained with Examples

Spread betting is also called handicap betting and it refers to games where the format is best of three or best of five, like the semi-finals and final of the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational will be.

Let's say that you are betting on a game between Cloud9 and Infinity Esports in the best of three formats. The spreads will be either +1.5 or –1.5, so if you place a wager on the favorite team (-1.5), you are betting that they will win two out of the three games they play. If you place a bet on the underdogs (+1.5), you are wagering that either the underdogs will win outright or they will win two out of the three games. If you want to bet on the underdogs, but you still aren't sure that they will win, this type of wager is a good choice.

Placing a League of Legends Wager

To be able to place an LoL bet, you need to have a bookmaker account first. If you don't, then look for a bookmaker who offers esports betting and in particular League of Legends betting. After you pick a bookmaker, you should take a look at their welcome bonus, because you can benefit from it, if you follow all the terms and conditions. Most bookmakers either offer deposit bonuses or free bets, so you can use either of them to place bets on LoL matches.

The next step would be to make your first deposit and make sure you are following the conditions for the bonus. After that only choose which wager you want to place on a League match and click on the odds to transfer them to the bet slip. If you want, you can place a single bet, but you are also able to place accumulators and other bet types.

Insert a stake amount in the empty box and click on the “Place Bet” button to finalize the placement of the wager. If you want to spend free bets to place the wager, you need to check the box near the stake field, so that the free bets are used instead of your account balance.