DFM vs DK Predictions & Betting Tips (11/05/2021)

DWG KIA will play their last Group C match on May 11th at 18:00 CET against DetonatioN FocusMe. For now, DK has been dominating their group with three wins and no losses, and bookmakers believe that they will be able to beat them once again.

Their first match was on the 8th of May and despite DetonatioN FocusMe having better stats (more towers, inhibitors, dragons, and barons) than DK, the Korean team managed to win the game. We have seen how determined DK are and how they can win a match by leading in the beginning and how they can win by turning over the score in the last minute.

It will be fun to see if DFM will be better prepared this time around knowing how DK plays and seeing their other matches.

DetonatioN FocusMe and DWG KIA Achievements in the Past

DWG KIA won the last four tournaments they participated in, including the World Championships in 2020. DFM on the other hand won one tournament per year since 2019. Their highest placing in the MSI tournament is 8th place in 2019. DWG KIA’s MVP is Khan, while the best player on DFM's side is mid Aria. DFM earned more than $400,000 in the last four years, including 2021, but DK earned more than a million dollars from tournaments.

Predictions & Tips for the Upcoming DetonatioN FocusMe vs DWG KIA Match

Oddsmakers seem to think that DWG KIA is unstoppable and will win their match against DFM for the second time in Group C. We are supporting this theory because the Korean team has impressed us with an all-time win rate of 73%, while last year, their win rate was 80%. BeryL, Ghost, ShowMaker, and Khan will impress us even more in the upcoming matches of the 2021 MSI and we can't wait for them to play their games on May 11th.