League of Legends is one of the most popular online battle arena video games, which was developed and published by Riot Games. It has millions of fans around the world and now that the creators of the game focus more on the esports factor, fans can watch the top players in the world perform on platforms, like Twitch, YouTube, and even cable television.

Betting on League of Legends

Placing bets on LoL is as complicated as is betting on any other sport. You will have to understand the game itself to make wise betting decisions. Esports tournaments are mainly for the “Summoner's Rift” mode in the game, where teams of five players each battle against each other in different places on the map to take the other team's nexus and win the game.

If you want to bet on League of Legends first you need to find a betting site, which offers the most extensive array of betting options to choose from. The betting platform should also provide bonuses for its new and existing customers so that players can benefit when they place esports bets.

Then you need to look for the bets you want to place and all good bookmakers will offer at least the most popular types of bets in LoL, which are briefly explained below. After you chose which market to bet on, you need to make sure you have funds in your account and place the bet or bets you want.

League of legends

Betting on the Winner

Betting on the winner is the same as any Moneyline wager, you only have to choose which team you believe will win the game. While most bookies offer pre-game esports bets, you can find even some platforms, which offer in-play esports betting and League of Legends markets.

Totals Betting

In LoL betting, several bet types involve totals. You will have to place a bet whether a specific stat will be over or under a certain number selected by the oddsmakers. These are some of the totals you can bet on:

  • Total kills by both teams
  • Total kills by a specific team
  • Total dragons by both teams
  • Total dragons by a specific team
  • Total barons by both teams
  • Total barons by one team
  • Total towers by both teams
  • Total towers by a specific team

Betting on Firsts

Betting on which team will get first blood is the most common type of bet in this category, but you can also bet on which team will kill the first dragon, which team will kill the first baron, which team will destroy the first tower, which team will get the first herald, etc.

Other Bet Types

LoL bets who aren't related to totals or firsts also exist, and some of them are quite popular. You can bet if both teams will kill dragons or barons, for example. There are also the so-called “handicap” bets, which are also called spread bets. You can also bet on the duration of the game, which dragon will spawn first, or if the dragon soul will be achieved by either team during the game.