DFM vs C9 Predictions & Wagering Tips (11/05/2021)

DFM will be facing C9 on the 11th for the second time in the MSI this year. Their first match was on the 7th of May and it ended with DFM winning, but that doesn't mean that they will win again. Bookmakers seem to think that Cloud 9 will have the upper hand because they won their last match, while DFM lost theirs but the battle for second place in Group C is tough.

Popular MSI Betting Markets

First Blood, Dragon, Tower, or Baron

Betting on which team will score first blood or kill the first dragon/baron is a popular betting market and most often the odds are pretty good considering that in most League of Legends matches many qualities matter, like picking which characters they will play. The pick is not the only important thing to consider, so the odds are very good for these types of bets because many things can happen in an LoL match.

Match Winner

Choosing which team will win the match is the most popular betting market in esports and although DFM managed to win last time they faced Cloud9, the American team may prevail this time around and lean from their mistakes. Last year they had a 70% win rate, so they may win again.

Total Kills, Towers, Dragons, or Barons

Betting on the over/under markets is also quite popular and there are a few options you can choose from, including over/under total towers, total dragons, or total barons. You can even bet on the total statistic for each of the teams. It depends on which bookmaker you choose to wager with because they all offer different betting options.

Other Available Markets

Some unique betting markets don't fall under these categories, like:

  • Both teams to kill a dragon or baron
  • If the total number of kills will be an odd or even number
  • Handicap kills markets
  • Map duration